And This Is What We Have

by Terese Coe

And this is what we have:
a rakish slated rooftop,
the aging tambourine,
a page of eggshell foolscap,
a flap of barkentine.

And this is what we lack:
a penny saved for madness,
a penny saved for pain,
a measure for our gladness,
a box to fill with rain.

And this is what we know:
a summer birth will flourish,
Orionís stars will shift,
the love of love will nourish,
the scent of death will drift.

And this is what we donít know:
the reason for our living,
the price we pay for chance,
the sacredness of giving,
the grace of our own dance.

ďAnd This Is What We HaveĒ first appeared in The Everyday Uncommon.

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