An Old Song

by Rose Kelleher

Will he come home in the morning, morning,
       Home with the rising sun,
With a “Sorry I’m late” and a “Kiss me Kate”
       And a sweet for the youngest one?

Will he come home a-whistling, whistling,
       Over the hill and down,
With a wink and a whirl for his only girl,
       And me in my dressing gown?

Could he be now a-striding, striding,
       Over the crimson field,
And his knitted bones be strong as stones,
       And his every wound be healed?

Could he be now a-rising, rising,
       Gathering up his soul,
And his muddy bed no more be red,
       And his limbs be strong and whole?

Will he come home in the morning, morning,
       Shouldering high his gun,
With a squeak o’ the gate and a “Kiss me Kate”
       After the war is done?

“An Old Song” previously appeared in Bundle o’ Tinder.

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