The Merrow

by Jim Hayes

Beware The Nore where Merrow* dwell—
Beware The Nore where Merrow* Anon.

From out the Devil’s Bit a spring,
the river, deep and darkening,
wears limestone walls

down the Vale of Knockanaire;
then its tossing torrents tear
through Noreland Falls,

whence it flows, sans foil or let
until beneath Mount Juliet
it slows and stalls.

There nightly from a brooding pool,
wherein the pig-eyed Merrow rule,
a Merrow calls.

The men who hear the cry she makes,
unfortunates whom god forsakes,
the Merrow takes.

* Merrow, water demons, the males are ugly and warlike, the females beautiful and charming.

“The Merrow” previously appeared in The Bad Habits of Little Boys.

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